Power Module Comparison

Please check this brief comparison table of our power lineup, if you have any questions please contact us or write directly to help@mrobotics.io

Power modules Power Zero ACSP4 CAN Power
Status in production in production in production
PN M10077 M10026 M10104
HW revision A A A
Input voltage (max) 50.4V (12S) 42V (10S) 50.4V (12S)
Current rating 90A 90A 60A
Max current burst 100A 100A 90A
Sensor type Hall Shunt Hall
BEC [V@C] 5.3V@2A 5.2V@3A 5.3V@3A
BEC2 ~ 12V@3A ~
Dimensions 18 mm x 18 mm 36 mm x 36 mm 26 mm x 26 mm
Weight 2.5g 8.84g / 22.42g with cables 5.90g
Available interfaces
Analog yes yes no
CAN no no yes
I2C no no optional