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How to Place an Order Using PO

We would like to inform you that placing a purchase order (PO) provides the same experience as Placing an Order Online. If you would like to place a PO, follow the steps bellow.

Online Order VS Purchase Order

Whether you choose to place your order online or via PO, you will receive the same products, pricing, and customer service. Placing Online order method ensures a seamless and efficient purchasing process.

In case you are still interested in placing a direct purchase order with us, please ensure your PO meets the requirements below to avoid any processing delays.


  • Placing a PO is only available for companies who cannot place an order through our website or pay by credit/purchasing card or PayPal.

  • Order total must be at least $500 US Dollars.

  • You must have an online account. Please follow Step 1. How to Create an online account.

Please Make Sure your Purchase Order Includes the Following:

  • Company name

  • Billing Address

  • Shipping Address

  • PO Number

  • Phone Number

  • Product Name

  • Quantities

  • Preferred Shipping method (Only FedEx or USPS. Only FedEx for International Orders, unless you will be arranging in store pick up)

  • Preferred Payment method.

Submitting your PO

If all requirements are met, please submit your PO via email to: We will try to assist our customers as soon as possible, but be aware, usually, any information received after 4pm PST will be processed next day. You avoid any waiting time by placing an online order.

Whats Next?

We will submit an order in our online store for you via your online account and provide with payment link or wire transfer information. After that the order will be treated as if it was placed online. You will have access to the order updates and tracking information via your online account.

Payment and Terms

  • Please note that your order will be processed only after we receive a full payment.

  • We currently offer NET15 terms to our US business customers only, who have been purchasing our products for over 5 years consistently or have a single order that exceeds $50,000 USD, whichever criterion is met first. Please note that offering NET terms is still at our discretion and depends on the product, lead times, and our current workload.