GNSS Comparison

Please check this brief comparison table of our gps lineup, if you have any questions please contact us or write directly to

GNSS Receivers Location One Classic M9N SAM "Full size" SAM Med Size ZED
Status in production in production in production in production in production
PN M10070 M10034 M10037 M10038 M10020
HW revision E C D C E
Price 136.9 74.9 74.9 76.9 499.9
GNSS Rx Module (* indicates unlisted option) U-BLOX M9N/M8P* U-BLOX SAM M8Q/M10Q* ZED-F9P-0x-B
GNSS bands L1 L1 L1 L1 L1, L2
RTK capable no no no no yes
External antenna no no no no no
Mechanical related
Dimensions 50mmx50mm 40mmx47mm 40 mm x 40 mm 36 mm x 31 mm 81.5 mm x 70 mm
Weight 20.26g 16.60g 9g 8.3 g 54.2 g
USB yes yes no no yes
UART yes yes yes yes yes
I2C yes yes yes yes no
CAN yes no no no no
Mag RM3100 IST8308 IST8308 IST8308 ~
Baro DPS310 ~ ~ ~ ~