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CAN PWM Adapter - M10126 hwrev


Introducing a simple DroneCAN PWM adapter. This board enables the use of 12 additional PWM channels on any system. Power the servos externally from the solder pads in the bottom of the board.

Specification Value
Dimensions 33 mm x 31 mm
Weight 3.5g, 6.32g with pins
PWM outputs 12
UART 1x Available in solder pads
Operating voltage 4.8 - 5.2 V
Servo power Isolated power pads
Firmware AP_Periph: mRoCANPWM-M10126




Open the parameters tab and set the following: - CAN_D1_UC_SRV_BM to desired bitmask. More info


Set UAVCAN_ENABLE to 3(Sensors and Motors) and reboot.

CAN Port pinout

Pin Color Signal TTL/Voltage Level
1 red VCC 5V
2 black CAN_H
3 black CAN_L
4 black GND N/A