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Reference Design CB – M10066hwrev

M10066 image

3D View


The reference design carrier board combines flexibility with a reduced footprint providing TELEM1 and 2, GPS, POWER and both CAN ports but also breaks out additional serial ports in 0.1″ headers as well as all PWM outputs. Support for an external power source to power peripherals is available using the solder jumpers at the bottom and the 0.1″ headers in front.

• Dimensions: 61.5mm x 32.5mm (2.42in x 1.27in)
• Distance between holes: 57.6mm x 25.8mm (2.27in x 1.02in)
• Hole size: 3.3mm [⅛″]
• Weight: 5.8g (0.20 oz)

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