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Control Zero OEM H7 - M10059 hwrev


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The Control Zero series of flight controllers represents mRo's commitment to continuous improvement. Our goal with this series was to take every lesson learned from our +10 years of flight controller design and make the best pro-consumer and commercial flight controller on the market. Our journey begins with this Zero in its OEM form factor - this is a no-compromise triple IMU commercial-grade flight controller.


When mounting the Control Zero OEM into its mating connectors on any carrier board ensure connectors are properly matched and aligned and that no power is applied to the board. If power is applied when the board is not connected properly you will cause irreversible damage to the board.

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Specifications Control Zero OEM
Main Processor 32-bit STM32H743 Cortex M7 core with  DSP and DP-FPU, max frequency 480 MHz
IO Processor No
Flash 2 MB
FRAM module 256kb - for parameters only
Accelerometers / Gyros / Mags 3x Accelerometers / 3x Gyros / 1x Mag
Sensors Invensense/TDK ICM-20602 (6DOF)
Invensense/TDK ICM-20948 (9DoF)
Sensors – Dampened Bosch BMI088 (6DOF) (internally vibration dampened)
Internal Magnetometer AK09916 inside ICM-20948
Barometer Infineon DPS310 barometer (Very smooth and NO light sensitivity)
Interfaces and Protocols 6x UART (serial ports) [3x with HW flow control,1x FRSky Telemetry (D or X types), 1x Console & 1x GPS+I2C].

1x PPM sum input signal
8x PWM outputs (all D-Shot capable)
1x RSSI (PWM or voltage) input
3x I2C 1x SPI 2x CAN
1x SWD (TC2030 Connector)
3x Ultra low noise LDO voltage regulator
Supported RC input protocols:

Spektrum DSM / DSM2 / DSM-X® Satellite compatible input and binding.
Futaba S.BUS® & S.BUS2® compatible input.
FrSky Telemetry port output.
Graupner SUMD. Yuneec ST24.
Mating Connectors CLM-118-02
Pin Headers Yes
Conformal Coating Optional
Extended Testing and Burn In Yes
Custom Carrier Board Support Yes
Notify LED Yes (RGB)
Dimensions Width: 20mm (0.79″)
Length: 35mm (1.38″)
Weight 4.14g (.15 oz)
Mounting Holes No
Case Optional aluminum thermal and mechanical protection
Typical Platforms - Multirotor
- Rover
- Fixed-Wing
- Boats
- Submarines
- Automatic Tractors
- Others
Electrical 5.25V @200mA minimum, 2A recommended

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Be cautious when removing the OEM from ANY carrier board, ESD safe plastic tweezers were provided for this task. This is true especially for M10112 boards where aggressive weight saving measures were taken.

Design changelog

The latest revision D model includes the following enhancements to the previous versions: - Removed level shifting due to manufacturer decision to discontinue it on short notice. Replaced with robust ESD and current limiting protection. - Added additional voltage rail diagnostic LEDs. - Moved SDCARD to expose the MCU package to enable operations on higher temperature environments with external thermal solutions. - Simplified overall electrical design with additional test points for factory quality control checks. - The external interface remains unchanged for drop-in replacement with earlier revisions. - All-around 3V3 logic level.

Quick start

The board comes with Ardupilot stable pre-installed from factory. However the bootloader provides an interoperation layer with PX4 as well, so QGC will be able to detect it and load firmware adequately.

We encourage all customers to run the latest stable version available from your preferred flight stack.


The mRo Control Zero is compatible with the following firmware:


  • APrelease - compatible with all vehicle types.


  • Releases - compatible with all vehicle types.

Some additional resources:

Graphical pinout



The serial ports default assignment is as follows:

Serial Port name
USART8 FrSKY serial

Custom builds may be needed if you want to change default functionality for UART/SPI 6, this depends on the selected flight stack firmware.

If you have further questions contact us.

Power considerations

The board is intended to be powered either from the power 'brick' labeled as 5V_SRC in the above diagram or the VUSB pin or both; 5.25V is recommended due to protection diodes, this way you'll avoid getting low voltage warnings from the ground station software. The CZ OEM is able to provide up to 1.8A (fused) to the 5V_PRPH power domain, exceeding this current is will damage the board.


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